• Are you looking for a career that fits around your children?
  • Are you a Virtual Assistant and want to grow your business?

Being a Virtual Receptionist Reseller gives you this flexibility. Subscribe below for more information.

I can offer you a Virtual Receptionist Reseller opportunity which means that you can offer telephone answering services alongside your other services or take it as a stand alone business opportunity to make some money.

If you are a VA, using this service as a ‘Bolt on’ to your business will increase your client base and allow you to support clients up to 24 hours a day if you want to (without being ‘on duty’ for all of this time!) To have your business make money whilst you sleep, complete the boxes below to get more information.

The Dream PA’s popular Virtual Receptionist service for ALL small businesses:

If you want to make more money, save more time, have your business present a professional first impression, have your business appear ‘larger’ than it really is, gain freedom to work how and when you choose without being chained to your desk, then you need a Virtual Receptionist and here is where you can get one!

Three tariffs are available, see below:

  • The ’24-7′ top level telephone cover is ‘always on’. The cost is £75 per month, the value is in doing the impossible; being a small business that is constantly available for 168 hours a week!
  • The ‘Standard’ telephone cover runs from 0800 – 2000 Monday to Friday and 0900 – 1700 Saturday. The cost is £40 per month, the value is in managing your time more effectively.
  • The ‘Lite’ telephone cover runs from 0830 to 1800 Monday to Friday. The cost is £25 per month, the value is in growing your business.

The biggest ‘time stealer’ in a small business owner’s day is interruption.

The biggest worry a small business owner has is losing potential business.

How can a small company give the impression of a much larger one?

How can the smart entrepreneur keep all the balls in the air?

…The Dream PA can help.

Our unique Virtual Receptionist service ticks the boxes of all these concerns.

The Dream PA is a small business that assists small businesses.

To have my team answer YOUR business calls, simply click here to be taken through to the Virtual Receptionist service sign up page where your account can be created within minutes!

Don’t lose business through missed calls!™